The most economical cost effective option available. Rates vary on commitment. Payment based on performance. We work within your budget and timeframe. Free initial consultation of up to forty hours of time at no cost or obligation.


Architecturally designed to be sustainable. Enterprise solutions built to scale and adapt to your business model. Reliable, highly accessible and durable solutions. All solutions developed with proven frameworks and run on stable platforms.


We provide the tools and equipment and deliver the solution on-site including the servers, operating systems, and databases when necessary. Choose the duration and frequency that fits your calendar. Work is spread over a year at any variation.

I am Brad Hammond, owner and principal architect and software engineer.

No smoke and mirrors: Currently I am a one man shop. Established in 2014, On-Demand Software Solutions Inc. is a registered Corporation filed in the State of Iowa. I elected a corporation structure to protect the client from misclassification liability insuring that On-Demand Software Solutions Inc., is a separate legal entity under which is in a contract with a client. This separation of client and On-Demand Software Solutions Inc., insures that Brad Hammond, Managing Director of On-Demand Software Solutions Inc., cannot be considered as an employee of the client organization, "A director of a corporation is not an employee with respect to services performed as a director" (common law definition used by the IRS). In addition to this, if we enter into an agreement, that agreement will follow the common law rules.

On-Demand Software Solutions Inc., is a software engineering, consulting and staffing company for small to mid-sized businesses. We have the talent, skill sets, and the tools and equipment to build high quality software solutions. We offer short-term project work or long-term part-time services. From a couple weeks a year, to a few hours every month, and up to a few days every week, we provide on-site business analytic, architectural design, enterprise software development, and implementation and support services. Together, we agree on duration, frequency, and rate to develop your custom business application.

Principal developer and managing director Brad Hammond has been developing software solutions for over 18 years. Prior to starting On-Demand Software Solutions, Mr. Hammond worked with consulting companies in Minnesota, North Carolina, and Iowa developing enterprise systems for large and small companies. Mr. Hammond has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information Systems from the School of Business, Saint Cloud State University, and a Master of Science degree in Manufacturing Engineering from the School of Engineering, University of Saint Thomas. Mr. Hammond is also a certified Project Management Professional. He served in the United States Military as a 19 Delta Cavalry Scout and was awarded two Army Achievement Medals including supporting Scout Commander Course during Operation Desert Storm. You can Download my resume in Word format here

Our mission is to be the most cost effective resource in software engineering and consulting.

Our vision is for our clients to view us as an extension of their organization and to know us as their long-term partner.

Our values: Integrity, Honesty, Trust; Our clients will have complete faith in us and know we are consistently honest with every aspect of software engineering and consulting.

Our Rates

We have two options concerning our rates: we offer a guaranteed rate that is fixed over a period of one year and project rates that vary by role.

Guranteed Rate

A guaranteed rate is based on a partnership between you and On-Demand Software Solutions. The partnership is based on commitment, dedication and a guarantee from both parties. You estimate the number of hours, frequency and duration of service work that fits your budget and business cycle, and commit an annual, dedicated, and guaranteed amount for services and I will commit and allocate dedicated hours of on-site work on demand at a guaranteed rate of $65.00 an hour. For example, if you have a maximum annual budget of $25K for I.T. services and guarantee this amount, I will commit a minimum of 385 hours of service work at your disposal. If you need a full-time dedicated resource for more than a couple of months than the role rate option should fit your needs.

Role Rate

A role rate is based on the role I serve at your organization. This option is great for an organization in need of a full-time professional on a project by project basis.

Applications Architect (AA) $100.00/hr

The Applications Architect (AA) is the functional expert for an application, a defined set of applications or a portfolio of related applications. The Applications Architect is also responsible for bringing an understanding of the enterprise, business system and industry to the team(s) supporting or interfacing with the application. The primary responsibility of an Applications Architect is to provide expertise in the business process supported by the application, to prepare and review designs, to recommend improvements, and to provide guidance during the testing process. The Applications Architect helps the Programmers establish a clear understanding of the business functional requirements and either creates the functional designs to meet the requirements or reviews and approves the designs written by the Programmers. The Applications Architect must understand all aspects of their specific application(s), and the underlying business process.

Whereas a Business Analyst is concerned about analyzing and solving functional business problems through technological applications, the Architect’s focus is on integrating applications to form enterprise systems or business processes that manage resources more efficiently.

Project Manager (PM) $95.00/hr

The Project Manager (PM) designs, plans, and coordinates work teams. Provides technical support to project team members. Handles complex application features and technical designs. Designs and implements the components required for complex application features. Generally manages a group of applications systems analysts. Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Usually reports to a senior manager.

Business Analyst (BA) $75.00/hr

The Business Analyst is a Strategic Business Analyst skilled at consulting with executive-level stakeholders to define business need or problem. Conducts research, performs studies and surveys to obtain data; and analyzes problems to advise on or recommend solutions, utilizing knowledge of theory, principles, or technology of specific discipline or field of specialization. Analyzes data to determine solution, such as installation of alternate methods and procedures, changes in processing methods and practices, modification of machines or equipment, or redesign of products or services. Advises client or department heads on alternate methods of solving need or problem, or recommends specific solution. Requires experience providing consulting services to governmental entities. May be designated according to field of business and technical specialization.

Developer/Programmer (SDP) $75.00/hr

The Software Developer/Programmer (SDP) converts data from project specifications and statements of problems and procedures to create or modify computer programs: Prepares, or receives from systems analyst detailed workflow chart and diagram to illustrate sequence of steps that program must follow and to describe input, output, and logical operations involved. Analyzes workflow chart and diagram, applying knowledge of computer capabilities, subject matter, and symbolic logic. Confers with supervisor and representatives of departments concerned with program to resolve questions of program intent, data input, output requirements, and inclusion of internal checks and controls. Converts detailed logical flow chart to language processed by computer. Enters program codes into computer system. Inputs test data into computer. Observes computer monitor screen to interpret program operating codes. Corrects program errors, using methods such as modifying program or altering sequence of program steps. Writes instructions to guide operating personnel during installation and maintenance of the application. May work with business analyst to obtain and analyze project specifications and flow charts. May direct and coordinate work of others to write, test, and modify computer programs.

Our Services

Our core service offerings includes architectural design, software and database engineering, integration and modernization services. We also offer support services including content management, digital media, backup and recovery services, business process improvement and quality control process services.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact me. To get to know one another, I offer a free initial consultation of up to forty hours of time at no cost or obligation.